Liferay 6.2 allows users to add their own site template and to use that template for their sites. To add a new site template, click on the “Site Templates” link in the Liferay Control Panel.

Clicking on the “Site Templates” link will display the list of all available site templates .An “Add” option is provided in the same page. Click on the “Add” button and it will give a form in which the site’s name, description and some other information can be entered and saved.

The field “Name” is mandatory. For keeping the site template active, check “Active”. For allowing administrator to modify the site template pages associated with it, check that option too.

After entering the data, click on “Save” button. Now the new site template is created and will be redirected to the site template settings page, where the settings of the site template can be edited. Now go to the Control Panel and click in “Site Templates” which will display the list of available site templates including the newly created site template.

Now add a new site and will be getting the options including the new site template. The new site will get reflected with the site templates pages and contents added with it.

In the coming tutorial, we’ll learn about how to manage the Site Templates.


LIFERAY 6.2- Lesson 4 Creating User-Friendly Site URLs and Modifying the Site Settings

LIFERAY 6.2- Lesson 4

Creating User-Friendly Site URLs and Modifying the Site Settings.

1. Adding More Pages to the Site

For adding new private and public pages to the site, first login as the Admin and then go to Control Panel and click the link “Sites”. From the list of sites displayed, select the one where new pages need to be added. The site pages and other configurations of the site will be displayed.


The default public pages and private pages will be shown there. To add more private pages, click on the “Private Pages” and then click “+Add Page” button.


It will redirect to a form where the name of the page can be entered and many other page settings can be done. Now click on “Add Page ” button at the bottom of that form, which will add the new page to the site.

To see the newly created private page, click the “Sites” link on left top and then click on the “Actions” list. Select “Go To Private Pages” which will load the private pages of the site in another tab.

In the similar way more public pages also can be added to the site. The only difference is to select the “Public Pages” tab before adding the page.


2. Adding Users to the Site

The public pages of the site are accessible to all the users. But this is not possible with private pages. Private pages can be accessed by those users who are members of the site. To add users to the site, select the “Users” option in the left menu of the site settings page.

Select the “Site Memberships” option will display the membership summary. Also provides options for adding members and for assigning roles to the members.

The “Add Members ” option allows to add a user, organization and user group as a member. To add a user, select the option “User” and will load the list of available users from which the required list of users can be selected and saved as members of the site.


3. Changing Color Scheme and Logo of the Site

On selecting the Site Pages, there are so many options to update the settings of the site pages like color scheme,theme, logo etc.



4. Creating User-Friendly Site URLs

Liferay allows changing the default site URL with the desired one. Select the “Configuration” option in the left menu of the site page which gives a list of choices. From that go to “Site Settings” link which gives some basic information about the site. From the right side links, select “Site URL” link which shows the friendly URL for the site which can be edited and saved.